Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby's got new shoes...

Isn't it interesting how a person (me) has no problem whatsoever paying for specialty shoes for DeeDee, but balks at buying myself a new pair of work shoes?

Last week I found a very sore horse in the pasture.

Poor Dee ~ she foundered.  First time in her 20 years.  Grass founder of all things.  My wonder farrier said he's had oodles of horses he's worked on this fall with the same problem. 

It's all got to do with this summer's growing conditions and the weather this fall. 

She got clogs!  They basically protect the sore sole and take the pressure off.  She is already moving alot better!

Thankfully, I caught it early and with a dose of banamine, a weeks worth of bute, and these special shoes, she should be just fine.

The hardest part about her treatment?

Someone is now on a diet :)

More green grass at this point would make her feet worse.  So she is now in dry lot conditions with just a small amount of grass hay twice a day.

She could stand to lose a few anyway.  She's plenty prosperous!

Of course she thinks she's starving to death....

All for now~  JULIE

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  1. Oh Julie, BUMMER! Hope she comes out of it all okay. Dry lot is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because you can well control what they eat, curse because then you usually have to pay for everything they eat.....
    Nice loom and that split rail fence is gorgeous!