Saturday, September 28, 2013

Craft Fair Weekend

.... But not for me :)

This weekend I am attending a large craft fair with a friend.

She was in need of a canopy.   I was in need of a time away from all the chores in my world!  :)

Take a look at what this awesome fiber artist friend o' mine makes--

Here's a pic of the booth before the gates opened - Note my canopy and my floor tarp?  Glad for these as we had a wet morning.  The rain cleared off and turned into a great fall day at about 1:00...

Friend is a quilter, who combined her love of fabrics and art into these fabric vases. 

Believe it or not, these vases are all fabric... no metal wire, no cardboard, no nothing like that.  Just the fabric and some quilting innards that are a trade secret and lots of machine quilting.

I think she's amazing :) 

Funny from today -- someone asked if I was her daughter - ( I was bragging her up) - and I said, "nope, I'm her agent, and I'm gonna be rich when she gets famous". 

Anyone out there know anything about the pattern book business and how to go about getting published?

Tomorrow will be there again - the weather sounds delightful, and I spied something at another booth that is making me go HMMMM.....   I might talk myself into buying it.  

We'll see!

All for now,

Monday, September 9, 2013


More rugs finished and to the store.

Not sure what's got into me.

Seems like I'm getting more weaving done.

I used up some 'dribs and drabs' of twill pant strips by pairing them with the light blue sheeting that was too boring to use alone.

Some flannel sheets made into some soft comfy rugs.

And I finished up the warp and my tote of sewn denim strips.  Now must get busy sewing more of them.

And nope, don't need more jeans.

Drowning in them at the moment :)

Next warp is gonna be a bit more varied in finished rugs.

At least I think so at this point! 

All for now, 


Monday, September 2, 2013

More finishes

This weekend I wrote down 4 things I thought needed to be done this weekend.

Or at least 4 things that I keep putting off...

Mind you, these are not huge chores, or projects.  Just simple things like balancing the checkbook, and putting some languishing laundry away.

Do you think I've done any of it?  My weekend is almost over!

Instead I do this...

My way of procrastinating, I guess.

Corduroy rug
Blacks, pinks, lavender, fuschia, mauve

Small bedspread rug

Chenille bedspread rug

Another chenille bedspread rug, in a rarer light pink background

And yet another chenille bedspread rug, all in white

By this time, the chenille all white bedspreads are getting a little boring, 
so I decided to try this on this bedspread... 
 Takes a bit more time to weave it, but not so hard I guess.

And lastly, another corduroy rug.  
This one with red, black, gray, pink, mauve and lavender.

Maybe I should make lists of things I probably won't do anyway more often????


All for now,  JULIE