Monday, September 2, 2013

More finishes

This weekend I wrote down 4 things I thought needed to be done this weekend.

Or at least 4 things that I keep putting off...

Mind you, these are not huge chores, or projects.  Just simple things like balancing the checkbook, and putting some languishing laundry away.

Do you think I've done any of it?  My weekend is almost over!

Instead I do this...

My way of procrastinating, I guess.

Corduroy rug
Blacks, pinks, lavender, fuschia, mauve

Small bedspread rug

Chenille bedspread rug

Another chenille bedspread rug, in a rarer light pink background

And yet another chenille bedspread rug, all in white

By this time, the chenille all white bedspreads are getting a little boring, 
so I decided to try this on this bedspread... 
 Takes a bit more time to weave it, but not so hard I guess.

And lastly, another corduroy rug.  
This one with red, black, gray, pink, mauve and lavender.

Maybe I should make lists of things I probably won't do anyway more often????


All for now,  JULIE

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