Saturday, April 11, 2015

This plan that I speak of...

The "plan" is to FINISH THIS D*#%  HOUSE.

I pulled off the 1960's paneling, had an electrician come and wire in some ceiling lights - there had never been any, and add a couple of outlets while the wall was open.

I lucked into a crew that is hanging sheetrock as we speak.  No lifting for me!!!!!   Now it's ready to be taped and mudded and textured and painted.  Then the trim and this room will be finished-----


I tried to find a before picture - twas hard!  I was kind of ashamed of the state of my life down there! 

Check out the background of this picture, the whole space was like this.  Piles of totes and other assorted unfinished projects.   This loom has since found a new home.  It needed a major restoration, and since it wouldn't have ended up being a good rug loom, I let it go.

Here's the basement right now!

I have rooms! 

The looms are covered and I have pared down to things I love and use.  I am excited to get this finished. 

As soon as that is accomplished,

this house is going on the market.

If and when it sells...

Who knows what I will do and where I will go. 

I will decide then.

All for now,

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soul searching

I've been doing alot of thinking lately.

What am I doing?
Where am I going?
What do I want to do?

I am such a control freak that I tend to want to have a plan, with a back up plan, and a contingency plan in place before I start something.

Something finally 'switched' in me and I've come to a place in myself that I now know the answers to those questions - and if I don't have the answer, it's OK.

What am I doing?   answer - not what I want to!
Where am I going?  haven't been getting anywhere so I better change!
What do I want to do?  I've got my ideas, but I'm open to suggestions!

So what does that mean right now?

There is a plan in place - finally.

I'm doing some purging and simplifying-  The rugs pictured were recent projects made from material I found while I was sorting and discarding donated weft materials.  Anything that didn't make me want to weave it when I touched it - it went.

I've been selling anything I don't love and need.  Once a week I walk through the house and ask myself "what can I sell now?"  Facebook rummage sale sites work pretty good!  LOL

There is a feeling inside now - kind of calm that is different from the agitated feeling I've been carrying around for awhile.

This may take a bit.  But I've started.

All for now,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trying to take it easy!

 Yesterday I sat down and tied a rug. 

It's exciting to finish :)  and I really wanted to work on another, but I restrained myself.

I'm glad I did, as I ended up having to ice my hand and wrist - after just one rug!

This recovery period is the pits.  

I don't seem to know what to do with myself.  

I'm bored, frustrated and maybe even a little blue.  

I guess that's probably normal, but knowing that doesn't make it easier!

I have made a list of things I can do, and should do, but it's hard to get started. 

I wish I had someone here to hang out with...

I'm really glad that my parents 'kidnapped' me a couple days after my surgery.

They loaded me in their car and headed off to see my brother and his family
in Canada.  Two days travel covering 1000 miles as you are recuperating is not exactly fun, 
but it's not like I would have been doing anything else!

He has quite the view from his deck! 
 He is living on a place that is MY ultimate dream....  
The place was built for horses - but he has cows!  I could handle either I guess LOL.

Too bad he's that far away.

We took it easy coming home and broke the drive into three sections, stopping in Minot, ND to attend Hostfest,  (  a Scandinavian festival. 
Lots of fun and I had a nice time visiting with some extraordinary weavers.

Since I've been home, the Cooper dog and Polly cat are keeping very close!  
They must have thought i was never returning :) 

All for now,  JULIE


Sunday, September 21, 2014

laid up

i'm laid up.

that's reason for the weird typing style.

hunt and peck non dominant hand.

it was time to fix on some of the worn out parts.

carpel tunnel and the equivalent in the elbow.

had surgery 2 days ago - kinda drugged and very bored.

not gonna go back to work for awhile.

frustrating that i still cant do the fun things at home....

all for now

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Get rid of it...

Out of sight is out of mind.

Most likely everyone has totally thought I've fallen off the face of the earth!

Still here -

Still have a loom, or two.  Weaving off and on just a little when I need the feel good therapy it provides.

Not sure what is with me - I have been in the 'don't need it' mode. 

'Bout time methinks.

Earlier this summer I dug out all the salvage type treasures stashed away in my garage and basement and took it to a flea market and sold the heck out of it. 

Weight lifted! 

Would you believe I even sold a loom?  No longer a Newcomb loom owner -- I just couldn't fall in love with it because it just didn't physically fit this short body of mine.  When I had an opportunity to sell, I did it without hesitation. 

Don't worry - Still have 2 unions and a structo.   I would probably take on more unions if they come my way, so don't worry, I'll be weaving awhile yet ;)

I've been picking away at little projects with the house - not as speedily as I want to be, but what ya gonna do when you have to work so many hours?  Yes.... still overtime. We just had 2 weeks of only 40 hours but back to 10 hour days tomorrow- 

I've got a little push going right now trying to get some things prepped for my upcoming carpel tunnel surgery - yup... worn out.  Have put it off for way long and it's past time to get it done. 

Today has been a 'clean the garage' day.  Around here we may start getting frost - and I want to be able to get the truck inside - and who knows how long I'll be laid up and can't do that job.  So today it is - wish I could be more focused, but I'm getting my exercise going up and down the stairs to the garage.  I catch myself on the couch and then kick myself back out the door!

Otherwise it's same old same old around here.

Not enough getting done, but still doing what I can.

All for now,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Missing in action -

Or so it seems anyway from your perspective. 

I'm still here - just finding my way through each day as best I can.

Working the overtime hours that are required leaves me little time or energy to do much other than work.

Kitchen is pretty much wrapped up and I'm currently trying to wrap up the remodel work in the entry that has been undone for nearly five years. 

I've woven some  but not what I'd like.  I've done projects, but not what I'd like.   Never seem to have time for what I'd like.

Current WANT is a proper barn for my pony girls.

We had weather this weekend.  Wind weather.

We got off VERY LUCKY  altho at the time it was terrifying.

My sweet girls were almost taken from me because of the weather - 

Yes, this has tipped over in the past - but there has always been warning and it's been almost slow motion when it does it.

This time -- not so.

I saw it happen --  in an instant, the shed was on it's side ON TOP OF two of my girls.  Here is where it landed on the first flip.  Thank God it then flipped again OFF of them!  And it didn't just flip...  It lifted off and landed a good 10 feet beyond where they lay.

Here's the lucky part.

Bug got some cuts and scrapes -

Buzz was never under the shed, but did get a good size cut-

Poor Dee Dee got the worst of it.  She has a few cuts and tears, but she was the one who took the brunt of the weight of the shed.  She got a little shocky on me - pale gums, elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, etc.  My vet came out to check everyone over and almost insisted I take her to his barn at least for the night.  She ended up staying two nights just to be out of the cold and wind and wet. 


No broken bones, no stitches, no lasting physical effects.

Dee came home tonite, and everyone is staying pretty close - I think they missed her :)

Hope things stay a little more calm for awhile -  that took alot out of me...

All for now,


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Update on the Remodel

Remember this?  I barely do :)

I'm basically done - 
Please excuse the stuff on the table -  I've got lots of organizing and putting away to do!

I've still got bits to do... outlet covers, caulking, touch up painting.  And the electrician needs to come put up the undercabinet lights that are ordered.

The fun stuff will begin soon as I start unpacking - There are boxes I never unpacked when I moved here.  Mostly decorative things that I can't wait to see again :)

I am now on a search for something to use as an island workstation.  The extra 30 ish square feet I gained almost makes it necessary!

Of course the dreaded remodeling 'creep' happened and I'm finishing up my entry way. And I think I'll go ahead and replace the wall of paneling in the living room with sheetrock now. 

And if you think that finishes up this house....  I've got a deck to put up this spring. 

After that I can start thinking about the lower level -  bathroom and bedrooms and a large family room.

It feels like it will never end. 

All for now,