Thursday, February 20, 2020


With these old looms, it always seems there is something to fix.

Lately the right side treadle has been being difficult.

I finally got serious about figuring out why, crawled underneath and I found this....

Somewhere along the line, two screws went missing and a third has come loose.  So basically being held on with one screw.

It took me a couple days to remember to stop at the lumber yard for screws.

Last night I put in 3 new ones...

The one on the top left went in a little crooked, but it's gonna stay that way - it's solid :)

The loom is acting a lot better now that these 3 little pieces of metal are in where they are! LOL

While I had down time with this loom, I finished up the last of the mug rug warp.

The short inaugural warp of 20 reps yielded 51 mug rugs.  There is a lot of waste of warp on these little buggers-  I need length between to be able to tie the knots....    Maybe next time I do them, I might explore a sewn hem...???

Even tho the short little fringes are oh so cute :)

Time to make a decision on warp colors for the table runner width warp I want to put on that loom next!

All for now,

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Problem child

This warp has sure become the problem child.

I think the weaving gods like to remind us to be humble on occasion :)

I came to another end that was floating around without a spot thru the heddle and reed. 

So I cut off the four smaller rugs I had woven and rearranged the warp AGAIN working that loose one in.  Means my rugs are a tiny bit wider with another warp in the lineup!

Here are the four newest....

 Cute colors on this one...

 This one is grays with a green print

 Leopard print knit bed sheets are in this one

And a mini that ends up reading basic black. 
Someone will have a small space that this will be perfect for!

I'm currently mulling over possible vendor events - new to me and even a NEW event - higher cost, so riskier for a tryout.  Not sure on whether I will apply yet or not.

I did send in 3 applications for events I was successful at last year.  There are others I will surely attend as soon as they open the applications for them, too.  

Always looking for the bigger and better event!   The small events are draining
                    - physically for the hauling heavy rugs in and out
                    -time suck - a full day gone 
                    - driving, mileage and gas $

If I can find an event that costs the same as 3 events, but sell the same as those 3 smaller ones, I'm saving time, sometimes gas, and physical exertion.  

Definitely reason to try to find them.

All for now,


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Little rugs and big rugs

Winter, winter, winter....

I'm on my second 'no work in town today' day.   Yesterday was windy and blizzardy - lots of drifting and poor visibility so the work boss said stay home and stay safe.  Would be a slow day there anyway - no incoming inventory and probably not many people moving around....

Today it is bitterly cold.  Negative 11 with alot of breeze.  I went out and helped a little bit with the frozen drinkers - and then as I came in I got the text from work to stay home and stay warm!  A little late for that, but OK!  lol  I then got a call from my mother that she needed to report to jury duty.... In 1/2 an hour.   So run to town anyway!

Yesterday I took four rugs off the loom.   Only four filled up the beam - 3 were longer runner type rugs -

Here they are...

Ive gotten to making the fringed rugs be shorter ones....  This one was end of the batch, I find I like to fringe the rug staying on the loom- I tie the knots while it's there and then it has a solid end that doesn't get loose.   The longer rugs I like hems as then they are better to step over when used the long way for a runner.

I used to have Cooper to "help" when I took pictures, now I have Jack.... He's very helpful :)

And now the little rugs -

The first batch from the Fairloom experiment. 

I've had to do some adjusting to get the loom dialed in.
I think this loom I'm going to have to find a chair or bench.

Standing, like I do with the Union looms just isn't working.

The breast beam is taller and the treadles are higher off the floor.  I will look for some type of adjustable stool for when I spend more time at this loom.  It's fine to stand for the little mug rugs as these are a fast weave.  I'm planning on using this loom for table runners, so I think I would probably be happier getting something to sit on.

The sun is shining, making the bitter cold a little easier to tolerate.
Some time at the computer for accounting type stuff, and more weaving is on the to do list for today.

All for now, 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Finally some rugs....

Seems it's been awhile since I finished any new rugs!

Here is the first batch off the black, charcoal, gray and white random mixed warp...

 Black denim

 This was a southwestern style blanket

 bedsheets - light gray with dark gray strips

 more bedsheets

 twill pants - black and white
(This one was me trying to come up with a pattern by sewing strips in a controlled manner.  Didn't turn out like I thought it would, but it's cute anyway.)

 and this was curtain fabric - when it's a wild color, the black warp is usually the answer!
Fuschia and gold tan mostly

And more denim with hemmed edges - Jack thinking they are pretty nifty!

This warp there will be alot of the black denim rugs made - with a few random colors and textures thrown in to keep things interesting. 

I do have a show scheduled in March that I need to get some new stuff made up for, so best keep the nose to the grindstone!

All for now,

Monday, February 3, 2020

Monochromatic, or Shades of Gray

In my neck of the woods, we have been having a run of gray days.  Overcast at best, heavy fog mostly.

This results in some dramatic hoarfrost.   Is that what everyone else calls this stuff?

Everything is very gray,  maybe with a slight blue color, or when you get close up to the trees, the green does come out....

It's pretty, but can be depressing after so long. 

Finally yesterday we got a little bit of sun after about 12 days of gray. 

At least it's not cold cold, or dumping snow on us!

I've been saving up to do blacks for quite some time, and maybe my timing is right, as I got multiple requests this last fall for gray rugs.

I will have a selection of blacks and grays at my next show!

This warp has been problematic since I started it.  I was very short of natural/white warp - even ran out completely while warping. 

Multiple times I ran out of warp on a cone and missed that it had happened so ended up losing that end.  I came across one the other day and worked it in by rethreading the sections to the left of that oops. I'm wondering if I will find more as I continue.

And then I had a really dumb moment.  When I count revolutions, I usually count to 50 and then count up to the next level, this time it was 30.   I counted to 50, and then cut off - as if I was done.    Dur.  I taped the section and continued on for the 30 and decided to wait to tie knots when I got to it.

I've been weaving and last night came to that area, so spent the evening dealing with that.  Had a waste of warp, but rather than trying to conserve, it was best for my mental health to let out and avoid all the knots...

Sometimes I don't know where my brain goes to....

I have rugs off the loom waiting to be end finished.  Pictures next post!

All for now,

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Where's the mojo?

Yesterday I did get the last of the tablerunner warp woven off.  I felt inspired enough to put on the next warp.

I'm doing black based rugs now.

The warp looks like this...

The warp colors are black, dark charcoal, a lighter charcoal that was probably another die lot, light gray, natural (white) and just a little bit of purple.

This warping was filled with challenges from the start.

I found I had very little natural left, but thought I'd have enough.  Turns out there wasn't as much there as I thought and the last few sections I had to switch over to light gray and even was forced into switching out to the next darker gray as I was running low on the light gray, too.   It should work tho. No one will even notice it!

Also along the way, because I was using partial cones, I lost focus and ran out of one end without noticing... several times..... eyeroll inserted here....

And then the worst situation.   I was doing 80 revolutions per section.  I usually verbally count to 50 and then start over and go to 30 in this situation.

I counted to 50.... and cut off the warp to start the next section before I realized what I had done.

After stewing a bit and trying to figure out the best way to proceed, I just overlapped the ends and wound on the next 30 turns.  When I get to that area, I will have 24 ends to tie knots into and adjust the warp to even it all out.

Urg.  This type of mess up drives me crazy!

After that I decided it was best to go to bed and revisit the project in the morning.

Hopefully the weaving mojo will have returned when I start threading.

It will be a few days before I'm weaving unless I really get on a roll.  I'm off from my town job for a few days and it's not nice enough to spend any time outside anyway. So maybe I'll actually get something accomplished.

Tonite I sat down and started a 2020 calender of vendor events.  Applications are starting to arrive and I'm always watching for new events to try out.

Positive note to remind myself of....

The looms are HERE with you, so no getting snowed out from them :)

All for now,

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

'Bout time!

It's about time I have some finished pieces to show ---

It seems as if this warping will never end - the Christmasy colored tablerunner warp, that is.

I had thought I had alot of Christmas tableclothes and solids that would work on this warp, but I guess not as much as I thought!  I've been scrounging and frankly, not been very inspired with this one.

I was trying to weave it all off, but I filled up the take up beam and had to get me some room for a few more.  I think I will just go ahead and do denim and finish it off.  It will give me some variety in the denim runners with this color warp.

Here are a few....

There are five more that are finished, but I won't burden the blog with that many downloads...

If you want to see them, I've got them all on facebook.

You would think I would be getting into the weaving mode - as the weather is definately not conducive to wanting to go anywhere or be outside.

Since last evening the wind has been howling - from the south which means the temps aren't terrible.  I believe the thermometer said 26 degrees this afternoon, but when the wind is sustained above 30 MPH and gusts over 50 mph, it's still cold.  Ground blizzard conditions and drifting.

I'm kind of forcing myself to work on the warp and weft that are in the pipeline.  I'm hoping as soon as I get the next batch going, it will inspire me and I'll get a little more excited.  

Hope so anyway!

All for now,