Thursday, March 8, 2018

The end?

The Back Yard 

Pretty snow, but I'm getting to the end of my tolerance of the white stuff...

We got a big dump of snow early this week.  
We stayed home for a couple days, the mailman didn't get here until today.
The roads are icky.

I had a Dr appointment today.  Saw the orthopedic surgeon who has done all 5 of my surgeries.
Almost scared to jinx it.  But....

I didn't have to make another appointment! 
All looks good - better than before at the same points in time.

I am off of my antibiotic.  We had planned a 6 week course for good measure, but at about week 3 I started to have side effects that were with my vision.  Floaters and problems with focus.  So doctor said a month of the med was enough and go see an eye doctor to see what's going on in there.

Eye doctor saw a few changes, but he felt it was a temporary situation.  Two weeks after stopping the daily pill, I can tell my focusing is much improved.  Now to get back in shape.  I've been cleared to do whatever I do, just don't over do right away.

So in a way, an end to a chapter.  
Thank goodness :)

It's been so long that I've been dealing with this, I almost don't know where to aim next.

All for now,

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Out of season

I made jelly today.
It's not the season - lots of cold and snow going on.

Last fall I had a booth for my rugs at a vineyard during their Grape Stomp event.

As I was packing up at the end of the event, the owners came around and offered some grapes that hadn't been stomped that were going to go to waste.

I took some, but seriously, I really didn't have time to make jelly right then!

I was packing and selling prior to the sale of the house.
I had other events to haul to.
And I was still dealing with the recurring situation with THE INCISION....

My mom took the grapes home and extracted the juice and stuck it in the freezer.

Today I decided to clear up some space in said freezer, and now I have pints of grape jelly!

It is yummy!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Looks like winter

Winter has finally arrived in force here in my neck of the woods.  We've had a bit of snow, and of course plenty of cold this winter, but not a lot all at once or even that stuck around completely.

Last Tuesday I was to drive to my orthopedic surgeon for a recheck, but the weather told me "nope".  Blizzard type weather meant I didn't want to drive 160ish miles by myself early in the morning.

I had another appointment in the same facility with my infectious disease doctor on Friday. My mother also scheduled her procedure to upgrade/replace her pacemaker that same day.  Soooo.... the plan was to go down the day before to be there on time.  Thing is, on Thursday, we 'had to' go to a bull sale at my uncles place before we could leave.  Consequently, we didn't get headed south until after 3 PM.

Of course there was weather again.  Ugly weather.  We made it, but the last stretch that usually takes an hour, took a good two hours.  Heavy snow, dark, fluffy whiteout conditions.   Fun!  LOL

We got home Friday evening, and today my dad and I went to another bull sale about 45 miles from here.  By the time we headed home, the next batch of snow had settled in.  I think we have gotten about 9 -10 inches so far and it's not letting up.  I don't think this was forcast for that much!

The turkeys kind of struggle with the deep fluffy stuff, but at least it's not blowing like crazy - which would be normal around here.

I'm thinking my brother may just have to push some snow after this lets up, even tho he doesn't believe in doing so.  Says it goes away eventually anyway!  HAHA

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pain in the buttocks....

I had a recheck today on my incision site this morning.  It sure is a pain to reschedule my recheck of the "buttocks", but this happened...

It started snowing yesterday and I decided I didn't want to fight 160 miles of this at 6 am this morning.  There was freezing rain yesterday between here and there, too, so I was like, nuh-uh!

Recovery from January 10 surgery is going well - hate to almost say it as I don't want to jinx the process.  Staples out, the site is calming down.  About half way thru a 6 week course of antibiotics.

My infectious disease doctor was able to identify an oral course that is not resistant to the Staph that I have/had in there- instead of twice daily iv thru a picc line.... thank goodness.  Drug was pricey, did a price check at local drug stores and price was 2100-2600$  PER WEEK.  Doctor helped me apply for a program through the drug company and I was approved for free drugs.  I'm pretty sure my medical response will be shared to help with getting this newish drug approved for more applications. Helps alot!

You know,  I'm thankful that I was not able to afford to get the available health insurance.  The positives are that I have paid less out of pocket by NOT HAVING INSURANCE.  My doctors and I also did not have to get preapproval for any of the treatments that we felt were needed, we just went ahead and did it.  

I feel I had MORE access to health care without insurance!  There are all kinds of programs and different ways to get help for paying bills if you truly have financial inability to pay.  You just have to ask and search them out.  The biggest irritation is that there is absolutely no way to find out costs prior to any visit or procedure.  I've also had basically the same procedure four times in 7 months, and the prices have changed each bill. 

So my advice is this.  Get done what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and be insistent on finding financial assistance.  Go the extra mile, keep records, and check your bills for errors.  You wouldn't believe how many I have found and had corrected.  And don't forget to ask for a discount.

It sure is pretty, but I'm ready for spring! 

If only I had a studio space, it's a perfect day to be weaving.

All for now,


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Never give up.

Some days it is a struggle.

For the most part, I still have a positive attitude this will get better.

This path that I'm on this year has been quite the deal...  The MRI showed a pocket of something down by the bone.  I was sent to an infectious disease specialist and between her, the surgeon, and me, we decided to go ahead again with another clean out of the area.

So last week I had revision #4 of the hamstring repair incision.  They attempted to remove all repair materials and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the area down by the bone and tendon. 

The repair was very solid - good news- but we weren't able to get to all the plugs/metal without undoing the repair. 

Cultures are currently being worked on - including bone samples.  The cultures will be challenged with different antibiotics to see what works against what is in there.  Then most likely I will be on a long term regimen of antibiotics - possibly even IV delivery. 

This go 'round is more uncomfortable.  Bone pain and a new experience - they used staples to close instead of sutures.  I'm still fighting nausea from the pain meds, some swelling,  and am very tired and puny feeling.

At least it's winter - I'm not looking outdoors at green grass and nice weather :)

I'd like to think I will start working on something creative, but I'm not feeling it yet.

My pup Cooper is a good companion, he likes to snuggle...

All for now, JULIE

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I'm feeling the need for some company.  The turkeys don't like me to get real close, my dog Cooper is kinda bored, too, and the horses are mostly concerned with stuffing their faces with hay.

I've never been good at socializing - making friends.

And now I'm in a new town, without a daily job that would give me chances to meet anyone, and I live on a ranch out of town.

I've met the parents' friends and church family.  But as of yet, no one that has the same type of interests as me.  Not sure where to start looking?!?

My parents are off on a vacation - which is nice - no cooking unless I feel like it :)  It gets even quieter here with them gone.

I do get out to go to doctor type things - I get to have an MRI this Friday to make sure nothing bone and tendon related is going on inside that would be causing the incision to stay open.

I have a picture of the site, but decided you guys REALLY didn't want to see that!

3X times weekly still going to clinic to treat the wound.  The MRI may send us in a different direction, or tell the surgeon to send me on to a wound specialist. Gotta love it...

Weather is making it more difficult to get out and about.  It's currently misty/rainy/freezing.  Wish it would decide to just snow, instead of this in between crap - lol.

Each day I try to go through at least one cupboard, or drawer, or closet.  It's a little harder when mom isn't here, but I've made a little progress this week while she is gone.  The kitchen is pretty much done.  Now I am going to try and get the parents to pick out some new appliances - We are using ones that are over 25 years old, and I think they really need to be replaced :)  The microwave keeps tripping the breaker, so I don't think I want to keep that around.

All for now, JULIE


Friday, December 1, 2017

My current abode

 This is the house I live in now.  I've moved in with my parents.  3 bedroom, 3 baths.  My brother also lives there.  They wanted to keep an empty bedroom for guests - they have lots of guests.  And everyone uses the same bathroom....   Oy.  The things I would like to change here :)  That's why my bedroom is a living room.

We've had unusually warm weather for the upper Dakotas.  It was very windy the other day.  

Tipped over the pony shed....  only 58 mph gusts... LOL.   Usually winter doesn't have wind from the south.  That's why it's like this!  I tipped it back up today. 

 As of about 2 weeks ago, I am now down to having 4 pony girls.  My oldest, DeeDee told me last winter she didn't want to be that cold anymore.  So the decision was made, and this fall after a nice warm summer, I helped her leave her sisters Bug and Queenie, and nieces Buzz and Flutter, and move on to be with her mother, my childhood mare Power Girl.  Even tho the decision had been made long ago, it was still a very hard day and still I have moments of tears for my girl.  She was 26 this spring and all her life she took care of my daughter in and out of the show ring.  

I tried to get a picture of the girls.  Queenie and Buzz aren't very helpful. Silly girls.

Here is a picture of Bug, now the senior mare - she is 24.  I'm hoping this winter is good for her.  In the background you can see the bulls that are next door neighbors for the winter.

  We had a baby this morning! 

 Mama should have been in this pen with the other fall calving mamas.  My dad has just a small group that calve this time of year.  Most of his cows have their spring calves weaned and were moved to a neighbor to go on cornstalks and get wintered and calved by a younger man than my dad.  He's been doing it this way for a couple years.  I'm glad he realized he needed help.  In the spring after the calves are a few days old, we move them back to green grass at the ranch.  See those black spots in the background?

Turkeys!  There are so many around the last few years they are a nuisance.  They get in the feed bunks and eat the corn meant for the cattle.  The get into the barn and eat out of the feed storage bins.  And they roost on top of the house.

They are cool to look at, but they leave the ground messy wherever they go.  My little pup Cooper thinks its fun to make them scatter when they are on the walkout deck off my 'room'.

So on the medical front.  I'm currently going to the clinic 3 times a week to treat the open wound.  Silver nitrate is applied to the proud flesh (that's a horseman's term, I think they call it granulation tissue at the clinic)  It's unpleasant as it's a chemical burn during the application and is a bit uncomfortable for that day.  Daily bandage changes and some discomfort is getting OLD.

No creative pursuits as of yet, but I did last night find, in my unorganized mess,  some hand mending that had moved with me.  I sat and did that before I went to bed last night.  I have a few bags that could be finished, if I could only find my rug warp and tools I use for that!

All for now,