Monday, August 6, 2018

Bright spots

I've been trying to find a bright spot in every day.

Post surgical has been rough.

My hamstring and incision aren't so bad. 

I left hospital with a picc line - twice a day infusions of an antibiotic.
Please no contact with cows and horses, and outdoorsy types of things was the doctors request.

A week later, they added another antibiotic orally.

The two together have been, how shall I put it,   HELL.

These little guys, and 3 more, made an appearance.  Momma cat is quite wild, but has decided we are a nice source of food.  I can't say they are tame, but they are getting used to people and that we have yummy food to share.  Fun to watch and on occasion I get an opportunity to nab one and snuggle.  Only a few hisses :)

I didn't quite get to 3 weeks on the IV drug, before side effects made the doctor agree for a discontinuation.  Thing is, he added a different oral antibiotic to replace it.   So I'm still taking 2 different drugs.   Suffice it to say, my stomach is not happy, my head is not happy - headaches- and my general overall state of affairs is ICK.  

Tomorrow I have a recheck and I am going to campaign for a drug break at least so that I can maybe enjoy my trip to my daughters wedding.  I waited a bit too long to book flights - I was feeling so crappy, I couldn't begin to focus on it- and now I'm gonna pay through the nose for my tickets.   Oh, well. It is what it is.

Every couple days, I've found a bit of energy to check my horses water source and last night, the calves and cows came over to see what I was doing.  

I think they are so cute with their curious ways.

It always makes me smile when i get to watch these little guys.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Plans, what are those?

I'm a planner and contingency maker.  I don't really care to fly by the seat of my pants.

I at least like to have thought about how I'd like things to go, and a few alternatives if that's not possible.

So this week, plans were thrown out.

Monday I went in for same day surgery to remove the metal anchors that seem to be the starting point for my hamstring issues.

I ended up being in hospital until Thursday late afternoon. URG

Original plan was a friend drive me to and from for the day and recuperate at home.  I sent her home and spent the 4 days alone at the hospital ---

Finally, enough cultures and test results came in, and enough details for my medicinal plan were ironed out and I could call and find a ride home.

So now, I have the wound in the buttocks area to handle, plus twice a day antibiotic home infusions for the next 4-5 weeks.

I also have to visit a facility once a week for blood tests to check on med levels and get dressing changes on my pic line.

I've been told weaving probably not a good idea while the line is in.   No cattle, no horses, no going to work.  Right now I'm not feeling like doing any of those, so it's not driving me too crazy yet. 

I'm just hoping this is all over and done with before my daughters wedding out of state!

All for now,

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Checking pairs

This morning I drove out to check pairs.
Cow calf pairs, to be precise.

This is something we try to get done each day.

The bulls are out with the groups.

The cows are harvesting grass that makes milk to feed their babies.

What I'm checking for is any obvious distress.

Mamas looking for a lost baby.

Someone not feeling well.

Making sure the bull is attentive and doing his job.

This morning I found an extra calf in our group....

Not sure where he came from - we'll have to call neighbors.

How can we tell he's an 'extra'?

Each calf has an eartag with his mama's number, and 
this calf had a tag that was a different color than 
what we use.  He didn't seem too worried, so maybe
he was just visiting for a bit.

Summer is busy - my son took some days off from his work and is helping
us replace the roof on our detached garage.  It had it's original 
wood shake roof.  I spent time on the roof pulling staples
to prep for the new roof.  We are going with a metal roof.

Only reason I've been able to help at all, is because the surgeon that is going to
do the procedure to try again to fix me, went on vacation. I'm scheduled for Monday
to finally take the original hardware out, clean up the area and start over.

I'm thinking it's gonna be a little tougher after than the previous revision surgeries...

All for now,

Monday, June 25, 2018


I find it fascinating watching what colors do.
What colors pop when put against another color.

Or disappear against another.

Sometimes a warp color will look totally different,

depending on what it is put against.

Things change depending on circumstance.

True in life, too, I guess.

I'm currently waiting on scheduling for another surgery.
The last one looked like it did the trick, but nope, 
just in hiding for awhile.

My surgeon has washed his hands of me and sent me to someone else.... says I need fresh eyes on it.

So new facilities, people, and how to manage everything will need to be figured out.

Location will be the opposite direction and away from my kids who help me with day of surgery stuff.

Will need to figure out who can help, and who will.

All for now,

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pretty Good Guess

 From this sectional warping of 70 revolutions per section...

And three baskets of weft possibilities... (two baskets actually consumed)

I produced these 26 runners,
plus 2 that have already gone to their new home,
and one DUD that is going to be taken apart.

I had guessed, when asked, that I would get about 30 runners from my warping.

Dang, pretty close!

If the last one had worked like I wanted it to, I would have had 29 finished runners.  
And in reality, that last one was way longer than I usually weave -
So I should have gotten 30...

Just what I guessed :)

All for now, JULIE 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Pink bubble gum

Bubble gum is what I thought of while I wove this runner.

I'm presently weaving in the garage.
I have warp left on the loom from the weekend 
demonstration at the Fort Festival.

I'm fighting warm weather 
and mosquitoes out there.

Just a few more to go it looks like.
Digging deep and doing some very random colors
from my stash.
When I get the warp used up, the loom
and all the equipment and weft fabrics will
go back in the cargo trailer.

I'm sure it is tiring to hear about my health issues...
but it's an issue again.

Looks like the low grade infection was still down there hiding.
Dr appointment Tuesday early for a tissue sample to see what's
growing in there.

I'm sure tired of it all.

All for now,

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

18 Tablerunners....

This last weekend was the annual Fort Sisseton Festival.

A bit of a change/shakeup in the craft show this year.  There wasn't one.

But I got talked into schlepping my loom, tools, materials AND inventory to the festival.

I was installed in a historic building.  I was in an officers quarters apartment.  No furnishings, but information displays present.

I had plenty of room to weave and display - Just no lighting!  Saturday was overcast so the room was dim, but there was always a crowd that was very interested in my loom and how it worked.

Thank goodness my daughter had decided to come join me for the weekend.  She even dressed up and jumped in to demonstrate or sell items depending on the situation.  Couldn't have done it without her! 

We were so busy on Saturday, we had difficulty getting bathroom breaks and it was hard to get a bite to eat.  It's fun to talk to people and show them what I do.  Many people mentioned the amount of time involved and that they didn't realize.... Maybe it is a good thing to haul it all there?  Thing is, most interested people weren't the buyers.  I must analyze!

Here are pics of the last 9 runners we wove on Sunday.  We cut 9 more off end of day on Saturday and I managed to tie fringe knots, trim, measure, price and tag those and they are in inventory packed away by my daughter, so I'm not gonna try to find them for a picture :)

As you can see, they are still hooked together in a big old log of runners. 

My loom is unloaded into the garage as there is still warp left that I'd like to weave off rather than have it in the trailer.  Garage can get warm during the day, so will have to use the cooler days and mornings and evenings.  Shouldn't take me too long, as I have plenty of prepared weft to choose from. 

I was in need of some fresh runners for my sales displays, and I think I did good. 

Had a good weekend as far as sales, too.  I'd have to look back, but I think my total sales are in the running for the best show here yet.

The weekend sure did wear me out tho :)

All for now,