Monday, September 9, 2013


More rugs finished and to the store.

Not sure what's got into me.

Seems like I'm getting more weaving done.

I used up some 'dribs and drabs' of twill pant strips by pairing them with the light blue sheeting that was too boring to use alone.

Some flannel sheets made into some soft comfy rugs.

And I finished up the warp and my tote of sewn denim strips.  Now must get busy sewing more of them.

And nope, don't need more jeans.

Drowning in them at the moment :)

Next warp is gonna be a bit more varied in finished rugs.

At least I think so at this point! 

All for now, 


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  1. Your rugs look so nice hanging on the fence. Things must be going good at the store. ~Doreen