Sunday, May 6, 2012

Proud mom, with just a little guilt

Yesterday's graduates:

My "middle child". 
This is her self inflicted title as really she is one of first born twins. 
 Just happened to be second one out.  She jumped into the world feet first.  Yup - breech.

Graduated yesterday magna cum laude with a Marketing degree.
Not sure but I think her minor is Web Design and possibly she ended up with an English minor, too?

My "first born" child,
 First born twin, who led the way out.

Graduated yesterday cum laude with  a Journalism degree.
Her minors are Equine Science and maybe Marketing?  

I can't keep track of all these minors - they've made the decisions about it all, so I haven't worried too much about it :)  They are smart girls and know what they want!

As to how to decide which to go to?  I let their father say where he was going and I went to the other.  There dad chose to go to Lexi's (he thought it would be shorter), and so I went to Leah's. 

Leah knows what's next....   This Thursday she and I are heading to Arizona to get her settled into an apartment before her first day of work on the 15th.  She was hired by the magazine she interned with last year.  She is going to be their new Managing Editor!  wow...   

Lexi knows she's coming home to me as she searches for employment.  We are hoping she will find something soon.  Lots' of resumes and phone interviews have been happening, but so far, no offers on a career type marketing position.  Only minimum wage seasonal type things.  If she's gonna work for 7.25$ an hour, she'll live here and do it.  A person can't make ends meet on there own at that rate.

My next two weeks will be challenging.  Helping Leah gather and prepare for a cross country move in 3 days.  Throw in 3- 12 hour shifts.  A lawn to be mowed, laundry to be done, bills to be paid - the normal stuff.  Work until 4 am on Thursday morning, shower and get in a car and drive.  Two day trip hopefully.  Get apartment, furnish apartment.  Fly home Monday night.  Work 3 more 12 hour shifts before a day off. 

Hope I make it til May 18.  That will be my next day of nothing.   Pray for me, OK?

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  1. Your plate is full! Congratulations on your wonderful daughters :)