Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bidding like crazy...

Today I went to an auction sale. 

A friend was selling all her worldly goods and relocating.

I knew she had some really nice stuff ~ and we have alot of the same tastes. 

Didn't think I would be able to afford much, but thought I'd go and support.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not sure if it was the weather.  Or that the Relay for Life was happening a block away.  Or everyone thought things would sell high.  Or what...

It was almost sad how low things went. 

So low, that I couldn't leave them go for what they did.

Here's a few pics of the big stuff I brought home.

Fainting couch - this belonged to her great great grandmother...  we may have a wild hair and upholster it in spotted cow hide?

This dresser is gonna be mine!  I paid 70$ for it...

A little hall table/desk...

A cast iron bedstead...

Daughter Lexi has claimed this $25 steal.

This dresser needs a little work, but it was almost free....

Dillon fell in love with this one and talked me into paying a little more than I would have liked to. :)

Another almost free project.

Windows - I have some of the glass pieces.  Can't wait to play with these!

Another favorite of Dillon's.  A little bedside table.

A BIG old cool box!  Not sure if it's a storage chest, blanket chest, or what.  Would you believe the sides and tops are wide plank pieces of wood?  Huge pieces of wood... I stole this for 10$ - I'm gonna be keeping this, lol.

A fun little tramp art table that no one else seemed to appreciate.  I may see if I can find a home for it that thinks it's as cool as I do.

All this, plus a pickup load of boxes of household and decorate items gives me this....

A full garage :(

All for now.  I need to go digest this big piece of fun that I've bitten off!



  1. As they say, win-win. It's all stuff in the end. You got some good stuff and you're friend is unencumbered at the same time.

  2. Love that fainting couch. I can see it in cow hide for sure. Some real treasure there, so sad on the auction though. Hope it all ended up okay for your friend.