Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seeing what's there

The girls have spotted something!

I like having them around to keep me aware of stuff~  I see their reactions and take the time to see what they are finding interesting :)

I zoomed in as far as possible, but they are a bit hard to see yet.  A family of Canada Geese has taken up residence in the pasture! 

Kept the girls enthralled for quite a while.

They missed this, tho....

Neighbor cows in my back yard.  Notice the close one?  She's looking in my basement window. 

I think they know they don't belong there.  I opened the door to ask them what the heck they were doing and they high tailed it outa there.

Cooper took up the chase in the front yard... until I called him off.  He's too dumb to know he can get kicked or stomped.  See the second cow? She's got her evil eye turned on, LOL. 

The LAST THING I should be doing is piecing quilt blocks...  but I am, and I just finished up the last of the Ohio Star blocks I'll need for my current project. 

I NEED to be doing so many other things!  Someone suggested that I should make a list to help focus what I need to get done.

Did that.

Now I'm even more depressed and overwhelmed!  Holey Moley. 

Makes a person want to just run away.

I'm gonna do that today.  To the South Dakota State Fair.

Just to see what's there.

All for now,

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