Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Never enough time to blog...

Or weave for that matter! 

The full time day job sure cramps my style - that's a given.

But it seems I always have some chore or project that needs doing RIGHT NOW.

Right now I'm doing this...

This was my kitchen this morning...

Here it is tonite!

Yup.  Remodeling :)

I've been waiting on my contractor neighbor to come back and finish my entry way so I could get started on this dang kitchen.   I've been living here 3? years with a non functional kitchen.  I've had the fridge and a sink and a wall oven from 1960.  It was kinda erratic.

No stove top - the one time I turned it on it smoke so bad I had the power cut to it and never looked back. 

I had not planned on having to wait this long to redo this room.

I FINALLY cut the cord with the neighbor and found a new guy - that was available.  That's been an issue.

Sunday when I called him to say I thought his estimate was fine and I was ready to rock and roll on this thing, I asked him when he could start.

He said 'Tuesday or Wednesday?'

After I caught my breath, I squeaked out Wednesday and frantically started to pack up my kitchen and find places for all my 'stuff'

I'm thinking he was available because no one else wants to be without a kitchen and with a mess this time of year.

No Thanksgiving feast for me this year, and maybe not even a Christmas goose!  HA

I don't mind - At least it's getting done!

All for now,

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  1. I know you sure are going to enjoy it when it is finished.