Monday, December 23, 2013


I've had to be pretty closed mouthed lately here at re'New...

I've been working on Christmas gifts when I could grab a moment or two.

Today was family Christmas so now the 'cat is outa the bag' and I can show you what I've been creating!

I decided about a month ago to gift quilts to my 3 children.  I had two appropriate ones 'in the bank', but needed another.  Talk about last minute deadlines --  I managed to start and finish a queen size bed quilt and gift it in less than a month. 

Here it is--

Made this one out of flannel.  All remnants of other projects, mostly backings from denim blankets made in the past.  The light spaces are flannel lining from some drapes I made in to rugs!  True use it up repurposing :)

The other project I reveal today is a painting that I started over a year ago.  HAA

I was going to do it for my sister's birthday - well, missed that one.

So I told myself this birthday was the deadline.  Yup, missed that, too.

But I FINALLY got my buttocks in gear and finished it this morning - LOL

I don't paint much.  I'm more of a sketcher, but it turned out ok for the lack of experience and practice.

She always wanted a cow picture and she seemed quite pleased with it. 

Kitchen update --  electrical is now finished and the new window and sheetrocking can commence.  Pretty sure I won't see them til at least Thursday.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed they get here and push a bit and it gets to the point that I can have my son here during school break to help with the ceremic tile floor.  His muscles would be more than appreciated with that job.

All for now,  Julie

PS  Maybe now that the secret projects are finished, I can get back to doing some weaving!

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