Saturday, September 6, 2014

Get rid of it...

Out of sight is out of mind.

Most likely everyone has totally thought I've fallen off the face of the earth!

Still here -

Still have a loom, or two.  Weaving off and on just a little when I need the feel good therapy it provides.

Not sure what is with me - I have been in the 'don't need it' mode. 

'Bout time methinks.

Earlier this summer I dug out all the salvage type treasures stashed away in my garage and basement and took it to a flea market and sold the heck out of it. 

Weight lifted! 

Would you believe I even sold a loom?  No longer a Newcomb loom owner -- I just couldn't fall in love with it because it just didn't physically fit this short body of mine.  When I had an opportunity to sell, I did it without hesitation. 

Don't worry - Still have 2 unions and a structo.   I would probably take on more unions if they come my way, so don't worry, I'll be weaving awhile yet ;)

I've been picking away at little projects with the house - not as speedily as I want to be, but what ya gonna do when you have to work so many hours?  Yes.... still overtime. We just had 2 weeks of only 40 hours but back to 10 hour days tomorrow- 

I've got a little push going right now trying to get some things prepped for my upcoming carpel tunnel surgery - yup... worn out.  Have put it off for way long and it's past time to get it done. 

Today has been a 'clean the garage' day.  Around here we may start getting frost - and I want to be able to get the truck inside - and who knows how long I'll be laid up and can't do that job.  So today it is - wish I could be more focused, but I'm getting my exercise going up and down the stairs to the garage.  I catch myself on the couch and then kick myself back out the door!

Otherwise it's same old same old around here.

Not enough getting done, but still doing what I can.

All for now,

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