Sunday, July 12, 2015

In Shock

My looms are, that is!  LOL

I haven't been weaving - I've been working construction this summer...

That's in addition to my day job, of course.

Major strides on my finish project - Pictured is my basement/lower level.

Much more pleasant!

I'm not quite finished - I'm currently waiting on a contractor to come and put in the doors - I don't feel up to that task.

I hired out the framing, electrical, the plumbing and sheetrock hanging.  I've done everything else - with some help from my son for the suspended ceiling and laminate flooring.  I added about 1100 square feet of living space - Two bedrooms and bathroom and the living area I have pictured.  That's a lot of area to work by yourself. 

I'm pooped - HAHA

Hoping for rain so that said contractor can take a day off from roofing in the area - he's busy with that all summer - and come do the doors and trim work.  It's hard to find someone willing to do these small jobs.  They all want to build a whole house....

Then I get to stage, clean, and declutter.  Real estate agent has been here and is working on coming up with asking price and as soon as I can get this place company ready, it goes on the market!

Still don't have plans for where to go and what to do.

I'll figure that out later!

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  1. Here's the irony. Since you started posting about selling and moving, we have entered into that very stage of life - selling and moving. It must be catching :)