Sunday, January 14, 2018

Never give up.

Some days it is a struggle.

For the most part, I still have a positive attitude this will get better.

This path that I'm on this year has been quite the deal...  The MRI showed a pocket of something down by the bone.  I was sent to an infectious disease specialist and between her, the surgeon, and me, we decided to go ahead again with another clean out of the area.

So last week I had revision #4 of the hamstring repair incision.  They attempted to remove all repair materials and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the area down by the bone and tendon. 

The repair was very solid - good news- but we weren't able to get to all the plugs/metal without undoing the repair. 

Cultures are currently being worked on - including bone samples.  The cultures will be challenged with different antibiotics to see what works against what is in there.  Then most likely I will be on a long term regimen of antibiotics - possibly even IV delivery. 

This go 'round is more uncomfortable.  Bone pain and a new experience - they used staples to close instead of sutures.  I'm still fighting nausea from the pain meds, some swelling,  and am very tired and puny feeling.

At least it's winter - I'm not looking outdoors at green grass and nice weather :)

I'd like to think I will start working on something creative, but I'm not feeling it yet.

My pup Cooper is a good companion, he likes to snuggle...

All for now, JULIE


  1. Julie...hang it there, lady!!! Snuggle with Cooper and heal.

  2. You poor girl.....I feel so bad for you. But I know you are strong.....and you will get through this, and past this........after I had brain surgery, my Roy boy was my constant companion......I called him my nurse. It will get better. Honest.

  3. You are a fighter. I’m glad you’ve got your pup to warm your heart. I got a kitten after I broke my neck four years ago and called her Nurse Kitty.