Tuesday, January 29, 2019


I reside right in the center of the area where we have a 'polar vortex' happening.

It's been cold and snowy, but buckle up, it's gonna get worse.

Sundogs this morning while I was checking the horses and giving them water.  It was about -15 I think at this point.  Didn't get stuck today driving in, but I did have to back out and hit the snowy area again to get through.

Because of the weather I've not been getting to spend alot of time at the loom.  Each time I'm there I do just a little bit.  Today I wove the header while I let the truck run to warm up, so next time maybe I can actually start weaving?!?  Full width on my loom here we come!

Yesterday my brother and I brought a day old calf up to the garage to warm him up a bit.  His ears were cold and he was a bit shivery.  One ear seems a little frostbit, but he warmed up quickly and was able to really dry out - he was still a little damp from being inside his mama :)   I shared my polar fleece hood with him when we brought him in.

While he was warming up I quick made a rough hood for him to take back to the barn.  We weren't sure his mama would leave the blue one of mine on, and I wasn't sure I wanted to give it up permanently.  It's still on him today!  It holds his ears next to his neck and helps keep them warmer.  It's not a perfect product, it spins so sometimes he is a little bit blind, but he finds his mama no problem.  I straightened it out this afternoon while we were doing what we could for the night.

Here's me warming up in the truck while I waited for my brother who was on the loader.  I'm in charge of opening and holding gates as well as checking waterers and hauling buckets of grain.

At this point it was only about -22.   Ugh :)

Pray for the animals that all survive tonite while it's -30 or more plus chill.  

Why do we live here?

All for now,

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  1. I ask my self that every single winter..........I need to make a move.