Friday, August 26, 2011


Touching base here.  Boy does time fly the older you get.  I remember when I was a kid and people saying that.  I know what they mean, now!

Well, both my girls have come and gone, and tomorrow the boy is gone, too.

Sad sigh.

Trying to look on the bright side~  I can clean the house and it might stay that way a bit longer!

Less laundry....

Smaller grocery store bills !!!!!

Hmmm... what else?  Hard to think of the positives when the negatives are staring you in the face!

Good news~  The house is painted, except for the trim around the windows and doors.  I'm going to try and get that done asap ~  Wish I had a younger body.  I've been working ALOT.  Last week 60 hours and this week will be 58.  Looks like this situation will last a bit longer, too. 

Not signing up for any craft fairs at this point.  They can't compete with a 'for sure' overtime check.

I have spoken for a loom.  Decided I'm gonna buy it.  Now I just need to find the time and energy to drive the 3+(one way)  hours to go get it.  Details will be forthcoming when it actually gets here :)

All for now.  I am going to go crawl in bed, turn on a movie and doze off.  The alarm is set for 4 AM.



  1. That is a lot of working! You try and get some rest. I can't wait to see the loom!

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