Sunday, September 4, 2011

That chore is done

Today I forced myself to finish painting the trim on my house.  The man boy did get the body of the thing painted before he went back off to college, but it was up to me to finish.

Remember this?  Guess it looks a little better now :)

It feels like I've got nothing done this summer, but when I am honest with myself...

The painting is done, and there is a lawn!

Any ideas for me?  I think my front door could be a different color than white, but what color?

Or maybe some kind of decoration/treatment/ ??? to make the door not look so .... little?

And I need to plant something ~ man is it bare looking! 

I do still have to get my split rail fence put up.  It's lying in a pile in the side yard.  If only I was going to be home tomorrow, I might actually feel the urge to start.

Instead I'm going to the State Fair.  Mostly to pick up the county 4-H exhibits, but while I'm there I'll take a quick look around.  Miss the days when I could spend the entire week there...

Still working mega hours...  I sure needed this holiday.  I got two days away!  I'll only have a five day week this week, instead of 6!   Too bad I didn't do much resting :)

Somebody take a moment and have some fun for me this holiday weekend, k?


  1. Some trees. You have a different climate, but when we started from scratch, I just wanted some trees. I'm not sure I've ever seen any where you live. Perhaps it's too cold and windy??

  2. Somewhere in the internet universe is a blog about a women that redid her 1950-60's ranch but it all started when she painted her front door a lovely shade of pink! With your house colours I see salmon.