Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hard tellin

Hard tellin' where the next bit of weaving material will come from in my world...

A couple of months ago at work, I was asked by one of my coworkers if I could sew new covers for pillows.  They had gotten a new camper and wanted new matching pillows for the new place.

They also asked if I'd weave them a rug from the same material...

Well,  I ended up suggesting a black denim rug - I had one in the size they needed and thought it would work for them, and sewed them up the pillows. 

Of course, I took the finished products into work for them :)

Now, yesterday, another coworker came to me and asked me if I was interested in some 'pillow trim'.

She said they had been cleaning out her mothers place and thought since I was "crafty" I might be able to put this to use.   Tell you the truth, I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by pillow trim.  So I said I'd take a look.

Check out what I brought home ~ and she wouldn't take a penny for it...

There is this chunky trim... 2 black and 1 tan.  Whole bolts of the stuff!

And thereis this taupey colored chenille type fringy stuff.   Another whole bolt~

And this... There are miles of this stuff!  Probably not quite, but there is oodles of this.  A full spool and a partial.

I've already got ideas cookin' in the ole brain for the stuff on the spools. 

Now I need to find the time and energy to try it out :)

Like I said.  Hard tellin' where I'll find the next inspiration!

All for now, it's my bedtime :)

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  1. I think you're auguring for winter and all that indoors time. How lovely to have something to anticipate. I sold four sets of placemats last weekend. Remember when I'd pester you for the "how-to" part of rag weaving?? I can't believe I've become a producer. You are a weaving mid-wife :)