Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For the pets...

I'm back!  Kinda anyway.  I believe I'm experiencing a little bit of winter blues.  Actually, worse than normal.

Think that working the night shift is exacerbating the issue.  Wow, hows that for a big word?  :)

I've been going to work, sleeping, going to work, sleeping... ok you get the picture.

Good news - I think?  No more overtime.  Until further notice that is.

Maybe now I can find some time and energy to do some fun things?

On my 3 nights a week I'm not at work, but awake, I try to make myself do something instead of going to sleep.  (I sleep during the day, too, anyway, so better to stay awake at night and do something productive right?)  Otherwise I would sleep all weekend.

Last weekend I got busy and did this.

I sewed together 19 ( at last count) pet beds.  Another acquisition of materials from a donation.  They were already cut, so all I had to do was sew them together.

The plan is to donate these to the local pet shelter in honor / memory of Aunt Betty/ Uncle John, Cousin Amy and Aunt Nancy, and their pets, past and present.  Boots, Dante, Shadow, Monte, etc.    Merry Christmas you guys!  Little late, but I got it done :)

Speaking of pets...

My daughter posted a photo on facebook of a puppy wearing a knitted hat that had some kind of ears on them.  She thought Cooper needed one.  Since I don't knit, I did my own version.  But I had to 'one up' the ensemble!

Here's my boy in his hood and leg warmers! 

I am so weird...

Obviously the leg warmers won't stay put without some sort of garters or something.  They were mostly for grins and giggles, anyway!   I do believe he'd keep the hood on, tho!

From his outfit, you probably deduced correctly that it is finally winter here.  It's cold, snowy and windy.  A shock to the system since we had an unseasonably warm December. 

Not bad tho, compared to last year.  That's what I keep reminding myself!

All for now, must ready myself for work. 

Oh yes... Sharon?  Do you have a website or source for one of those SADD lights you use? 

I think I could use one... This vampire lifestyle is killing me.



  1. I love Cooper's outfit! lol. You are so nice for stitching and donating the pet beds. You stay warm! I remember see all your Cold snow pictures from last year!

  2. Yes I do!

    I still use it every morning, but you have to figure out your schedule and fit it in. I use it 30 minutes or until I feel it click in. When I'm really tired sometimes I have to use it through two cycles. Read, knit, spin whatever - you'll feel it when you get antsy to get up and go do something.