Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weaving Weekend

Or at least it was Weaving Day for me :)

I could only swing one day- 
What did I see there?

Wunder Weaver loom

An inkle loom

Structo metal 8 harness

A couple of rigid headle looms

Multiple spinning wheels

Bunches of yummy handspun

This wonderfully beautiful bobbin/pirn winder

And my own finished scarf project from my recycled yarns.

Too bad on the way home I didn't see the deer~

 that did this to my car...

All for now~

A very disgusted Julie....


  1. So sorry about your car!! But it seems you had a got weaving day!!!

  2. OW!!!! Bad deer!

    Did you get to play at a loom, too?

  3. What a price to pay for a pay day, and god knows you could use more of them. It's always a concern here. My neighbor Carol hit one on her way home from work, and said all the time she was picking up pieces of her car, she was apologizing to the deer.