Monday, April 2, 2012

A little bit warped

Why is it when I have stuff I NEED to do, I come down with the procrastination bug?

I should be organizing my basement so the carpenter can come.

I should be outside in this awesome weather - planting trees, planning a garden, cleaning up piles.

God forbid I would spend some time with my horses!

Instead this weekend I pretty much was a slug.  Friday came and went other than making the kitchen area a little less cringe worthy.  There are still dishes in the sink.  Why do I hate washing dishes?

Saturday~ another wasted type day.  Can't figure out what exactly I did do....

Finally Sunday I managed to emerge from the stupor and do a little moving.

I worked thru a pile of black denim jeans and a few colored denim jeans.  Those are now in their appropriate totes and the waste is gone with the garbage man.

And I warped.  A little.

First I warped up the Structo for a scarf.

I used some salvaged yarns that I've been plying on my drop spindle.   It's a very light springy green color that might be a little tough to get a good picture of.  Especially with the lousy lighting that I seem to have available.

I actually started warping the Newcomb!  This beam came loaded so I'm stuck with the black and white.  We'll see what I can get figured out with this inaugural warp :)

For some reason I was thinking that this coming weekend was the fiber guild's weaving weekend. 


Not for two weeks yet! 

I guess the Stucto is ready early.  Guess I didn't procrastinate this time :)

All for now,  JULIE

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