Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Denim revisited

Back again for a quick pic of another finish.

Denim mini with a hemmed edge here.  
I just love these denim rugs!

I REALLY need to do get some of these made.  As of now, minis are are all I have on hand.

Good problem to have, but they take much prep work before I get to weave.  I've got oodles of strips ready to sew together, now just need to find the time to get to sewing and get the Union warped up for blues... again! 

What's nice is that I now have that big Studio loom that I can have in a different colorway going at the same time. 

Hint...   Might help to get that one threaded and sleyed!  HA

All for now ~


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  1. I especially like the multiple blues - it pops.