Friday, March 16, 2012

Another finish.

 Table runner

Table runner close :)

So I finally wove off the blue narrow warp from the Union. 

I've got the runners and rugs all edge finished - hems and fringes.

Now to design some bags!

My plan is to show you pics of the newest projects one at a time, so I don't overload you.

Or, to be truthful, to make it look like I'm actually more productive than I actually am!  LOL

Little challenging to remember to take pics in the daylight before I go off to work.  I have a few pics that need to be retaken - too blurry :(  Maybe Sunday I'll get around to that!

Tomorrow off to SDSU to watch my girl ride in the equestrian competition. 
Good Luck, Leah!

It's been an incredibly warm, for South Dakota, last week or two. 
 I believe the thermometer was over 80 degrees today.

Quite a difference from last March 11 ---

2011 March....  

Not missing it. 

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  1. Our weather is strange too. We had buckets full of rain last night. Ordinarily the temps would drop and we'd get snow. I'm starting to think this is just the beginning of the warming we hear about.

    Glad to see you're getting some weaving fun in spite of your schedule. Have fun with Leah! SDSU was my school - San Diego :)