Sunday, March 18, 2012

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 Navy blue and off white table runner ~
Close up ~  The rags for this runner came from a blue and offwhite checkerboard tablecloth.  I cut it in a spiral with my rag cutter.  I wasn't sure if that was possible, but I found out it is!

Even square and rectangle cloths I can manage it by taking some off of each corner.  Cutting it that way eliminates sewing strips together.  Plus it's faster cutting.  Never have to reposition cutting rulers and rotary cutters. Just crank away and feed in the material!

Had a fun time yesterday.  The team had a special ceremony before the show started for the seniors. The senior girls got flowers and their parents were introduced.  It was a beautiful weather day, not hot or cold.  Got to visit with another mother ~  We met the first day of Freshman orientation way back at the start.  When our daughters found out they were both twins, it must have given them an instant connection.  They've been great friends since then.  They call each other their SDSU twin :)   My daughter has been on the receiving end of having a stand in mom at shows and events when I couldn't be there.  She calls her Mama Joni! 

Leah had a great horsemanship ride receiving a score of 69.5, and was chosen for the 'workhorse' award.  All the team members are required to sign up at the beginning of the year for duties involved with each home show.  Leah picked show management, and it was a good fit.  Many compliments on her management skills....Only thing marring her day was her sore throat.  The girl has either strep or mono... She said she doesn't feel bad overall, it's just her throat so I'm thinking strep.  I hope the girl was smart and stayed home from the annual St Patrick's pub crawl last night!

I'm finally up this morning - I had trouble driving home last night.  I was so sleepy I was scaring myself. I finally pulled over at a truck stop, hit the restroom, bought a Dt Mt Dew and some sugar laden candy.  Got back in my truck, guzzled the soda and slammed some Skittles - lay back and wham, I was asleep.  Woke up about a 1/2 hour later.  Felt much better after the powernap, caffeine and sugar blast :)  No problems the rest of the drive, and no problems going right to bed and slept well.  It's a bi**h to do things during the day, when you are used to the other side of the coin...

All for now, my weekly catch up with my life day is calling.


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  1. I have spiral cutter envy, whatever that device is. Smart on you to catch that power nap