Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little progress.

I've finally woven off the last of the warp on my Union. 
 The old girl hasn't been naked in about a year... 

I've got a roll of mini denim rugs and purse bodies that need finishing!

The bags are a little exciting to get to, the denim is a little less so exciting, but much needed.

Now I need to get the Studio Loom threaded so I can weave rugs on that, and a narrow table runner warp onto the Union to weave up some of the many rejected tableclothes I've been collecting.

Worked a bit on the organizing in the basement.  Got some done, but not enough.  Sigh. 

We finally have winter here.  Got a good old blizzard last Wednesday with almost a foot of wet snow.  The wind was just right that my driveway didn't blow in. :)

End of week brought a plant meeting where we were given bonuses from last year.  Also they announced a merit pay increase of 3%, retroactive to the first of the year.   I'm going to say it again.  If there is anyone out there that is looking for work, you can find it in the Dakotas!  

I've been struggling a bit with a new prescription the doc gave me.  I was SOOOO tired last week, all the time.  Thought it was from the busy weekend in addition to messing with sleep schedules, but i did a little internet search and found out one of the side affects is "extreme tiredness".  That explains a few things.

I may have to give the doc a call Monday.

Gearing up tonite for the new workweek ahead.  

All for now, JULIE

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  1. Out of curiosity, do you use a S.A.D. light or take supplemental vitamin D3 in South Dakota? My doctor recommended both and they have clearly helped with my winter fatigue. Speaking of SD, is there any buzz or excitement about South Dakota State going to the NCAA?