Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long time no see...

Yep, it's been awhile again.

Weaving news for a change!

Well, kinda weaving...  I've got a craft fair tomorrow.  I'm selling older stock, plus some refinished furniture type stuff. 

This is the fair that a friend and I promote.  We do all the planning, renting, inviting, setting up, tearing down, advertising, etc.  We have found a sponsor in the local Lions Club.  They do the luncheon and get all proceeds from that ~ and they carry the liability insurance that the school auditorium requires to rent.  We get the profit, if there is any, from the booth rent.

Makes for a long day, but it's rewarding.  We are providing a venue for locals to sell and promote their businesses, and having something for people to do on a Sunday when no other stores are open in this smallish town.

We're hoping for a good crowd.  Not too nice outside to keep everyone away doing fall outdoor fun stuff, but not so nasty to keep people home.  The weather man prediction is right about where we want it to be! 

I'm also launching a new business for my daughter. 

Introducing, Leah Photography!  I offered to do this first test show for her here in her hometown.  Kinda get the bugs out. 

Here's her website if you'd like to see some of her other photos that are available.

Proud mom here :)  

All for now, JULIE

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  1. Nice to see you back again. Your daughter's photography is beautiful. Her style is a lot like David Stocklein's (who is one of my favorite western photographers). She has a great eye for beauty and composition. I wish her much success in her new business. ~Doreen