Tuesday, November 13, 2012

25 years

Just a quick post since it's already past my 8 PM bedtime....  4 AM comes really early!

Busy, busy, busy...  A week ago was our local craft fair.

Happy to report I had the best show I've had in years!  Funny, because I had not a new item in the lineup :)

Still working overtime.  Five 10 hour days are the norm, and I volunteer for Saturdays unless I have something else (like the craft fair) scheduled.  Makes for not much time to do anything else. Sundays are pretty much catch up with the laundry, cooking and housework (ya right).

This past Sunday was our annual 4-H Recognition Event.  Believe it or not, this young chick got her 25 year as a leader pin.  Seriously???? How did that happen?  LOL   I started as a leader before I even had kids.  Think I'm a lifer :)

It's an actual Emerald, I think... My birthstone, too!

I'm up late tonite because of a little contest my workplace is having.  I'm decorating a box for the food pantry giveaway.  Makes me think of valentine day boxes!  I loved doing those!  There is a little prize available.  What do ya think, do I have a chance?

I had to scrounge a bit, seems all my crafty stuff has diminished over the years since I'm not actively buying more stuff!  Took me awhile to find my glue gun ~ for shame!  What kind of crafter am I that I can't find my glue gun!  HA  I had to be funny, his butt says "gobble gobble"  :)

All for now,



  1. Congrats to you for 25 years!! I think that Gobbler is a Winner! Cute Cute!!

  2. I think it's wonderfully funny. the expression on the turkey
    s face is hilarious!