Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get out the parkas, kids!

I had to dress up the Cooper dog this morning before I sent him out for his morning constitutional.

Didn't help much~ he turned around and came right back in.  I let him out in the garage to pee on the tires there.  Aren't I a softy?

Here's why -

Winter is back :(  I took this pic after it quit snowing. The wind is still blowing like nuts and it's a cold one out there.  We've had it too good so far this fall.  We had a skiff of snow a couple times that melted off right away, and last week I think it got into the 70's one day.  Not that I've been out in it much.  Been working the same crazy overtime hours.

I have been picking away on a quilt top. 

Needed to create a little.  For my sanity.

Finished that up today- I think -  Not sure if I'll put some borders on it or not.

It's all scrap materials that came from one of the two totes of material I have around here (other than rug material... that's another story)

This is the 3rd red white and blue scrapper that I've done.  I think I finally have a handle on the reds and blues :)   I'll have to study a bit and see what color ways I have and start looking for the next top to do.  Goal is to reduce those scraps to nil if possible.  I've really not done much purchasing of material, I really don't know how I accumulated so much!  I had a big start from the BOXES of materials I got from the ex's grandma.  I think she liked red and blue.

All for now,

PS... I won that Thanksgiving box decorating thingy at work!  My turkey box got me 25$ worth of Britton Bucks -- I bought groceries!

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I love the pattern and combination of fabrics.