Thursday, December 27, 2012

Inaugural Warp

After nearly six months of procrastination, there is a warp on the Blue Union Special.

I will be weaving table runners on this warp.  In the process I found out about this loom....

* No crank on the sectional beam!  How could I have missed that?  I cobbled together a little something to get this warp on, I'll be making something permanent at some point :)

* Shorter than my other Union.  No standing at this one- I'll need to find a stool or chair in the proper height.  A regular chair table is about 2 inches too short for me. 

* It's not quite 'square' and looks like it's been like that forever.  There are wear spots that shouldn't be there.  Seems to be weaving a straight weave, tho, so will analyze that as I get some of these first runners off the loom.

* I've lost a couple of heddles in the process- rusting has weakened some of them.

Other than that, it's been pretty straight forward weaving.  On the second runner already.

Today is the first I've had alone and unscheduled since my last workday on Saturday.  All the kids were home at some point, just not for long.  I've taken some vacation days and will have myself an 11 day break.  Five days left!  Not sure what all I'll get done, but there is quite a list of possibles :)

The other day I took a moment to finish the ends on a couple of rugs that came off the Newcomb awhile back.  More procrastination.

This one is a yellow and white chenille,  turned out kinda cute!

And another chenille in an ugly green that was improved by the black and white warp this loom has on it. It's actually quite pleasing now.

The weather is cooperating with the urge to weave.  It has decided to be winter.  Cold and some snow.  My Arizona daughter was a little shell shocked while she was here for the 5 days she was here. 

It's been a weird time ~ It never did feel like Christmas despite the activities at work, the kids being home, going to a Christmas church program, etc.  I never did put up a single decoration or bake any of the normal Christmas goodies.  I didn't even wrap or open a single gift. 

I'm going to try a New Years resolution.  I want to weave for "a little bit" each night before I go to bed.  I've been catching myself thinking it's bedtime shortly after 6 PM>  Way too early even with my 4 AM wakeup alarm.

I need to do this, for more than one reason :) 

All for now,  JULIE

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