Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ice Broken and on a Roll

What a difference it makes in the weaving life when you don't have to punch the clock!

Even with 3 days of travel/away from home, and a couple days of visiting with kiddos, I have this much done up- mainly on the new loom.  I have a hard time 'getting started' on new projects and tools.  Now that I have broken the ice on this loom, I think I can keep a steady flow of items coming off of it.

I purposefully installed this loom in my living room.  I can turn on netflix and get something done instead of gravitating to bed in the evening.

I have my original Union downstairs- where it's gloomy and uninviting- that needs a table runner warp woven off.  I must get a denim rug warp put on that one!  The end is in sight and I've done some strip prep that goes on that warp today.  We'll see how long it takes before I get going in blues again.

The Newcomb down there has plenty of black and white stripe warp on it, so no excuses there, either :)

Now just to keep the momentum going...  Only two more days of my own before I get to go back to the regular grind.

It's gonna be hard to do.


I've got a new goal to work towards. 

Announcement coming in the near future when all the details get ironed out!

All for now,



  1. very nice! how do you like your new union? i go back to work on the 4th after a 2 week vacation. i like your idea of weaving before bed every day :)happy new year!

  2. Your rugs look great as usual. I'm looking forward to hearing your news, and hopefully it's very good.