Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snow white

Around these parts, snow isn't always white.  It's usually got some dirt mixing in courtesy of the wind that almost always is a partner with the snow.

It's acting all winterish this weekend.  It was terribly windy on Thursday - enough so that some of the metal siding that was being used at work in the expansion found it's way wrapped around my truck.  Minimal damage, but I'll still have to get something done with it.  We got freezing misty rain yesterday so it was just a bit slick everywhere.  Changed over to snow, and supposed to go into the deep freeze.  Like - 20.  If we get lucky we are on the edge of  accumulation type snow.  I really don't want to shovel.  Yes, shovel.  I sold my snowblower because I got a lawn tractor with a blower attachment.  Guess what hasn't been put on yet?

Denial... I'm so good at it!  Also good at it's brother, procrastination!

I've been putting up photos of runners I finished up.  I think this is my favorite from this batch.  I think it would look awesome on a dark finish table.  It's nice and long and almost sophisticated looking~  It was a white - not bright white, mind you- tablecloth. 

The warp has natural, blues, greens and browns in it. 

With the warp colors and the "white" tablecloth, it turned out to be not quite Snow White, but I think that's what I'll call it :)

Currently the weather is taking a breather, we've got a little sun!

Cooper and Polly are soaking it up while they can.  Please don't look too closely at my dirty floor and patio door!  I really should look into getting a wife to do such things!  HAHA 

All for now, JULIE


  1. I think Cooper and Polly have the right idea! Enjoy the sun while you can!!!

  2. We're with you Julie....put our snow blade on the tractor while the snow storm on the 26th of December was happening....nothing like waiting until the last minute! Polly and Cooper look pretty comfy!!!