Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a few inches

Monday night it started snowing.  The weather had been lovely for this time of year.

Above freezing temps had made what little snow we had disappear.

Weatherman said oh, maybe 1-4 inches is what we should expect.

See what we got?

An unusual happening ~ no wind with the snow ~

And it looks like a few more than 4 inches.

And yes, that is my lawn tractor that has a snowblower attachment.  Too bad the attachment is in the garage, un-attached...

So this is what my driveway looks like...

Good thing I have a 4 wheel drive pickup.

Probably wouldn't be getting to work, would I?

Even if I had the desire to hand shovel this, it wouldn't  make much difference because the wind is a blowin' today drifting it all about.  On top of all that~ it's supposed to be REALLY cold tomorrow.  Like in the minus 30's I heard?

Ugh...  I am so over this winter thing! 

Wish I could drive away and not come back :)

Just heard back from my neighbor, he's coming to push the snow out with his outfit.  Wonder what that's gonna cost me?

All for now, JULIE

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