Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I think this is the only way right now that I can even pretend that I'm even close to feeling this way!


Well, went to the doctor AGAIN on Monday.  New rounds of different meds and a directive to go home to bed - at least today- said with finger shake by the doc.   So I did.  But today was back at work - at least the supervisor is very understanding and is allowing me to come in and work a standard 8 hour day instead of the overtime schedule everyone else is on.  As it is, that's about all I have in me and I'm pretty pooped by the end of the shift.

So we still have a good amount of wet heavy sticky snow outside from this last weekends weather event.

But tonite the neighbor with the heavy equipment was available to come and move some hay out to the girls.

Of course Cooper pup loves moving hay, he gets a chance to play hunter.

He's pretty good at catching rodents, but not really very good at putting them out of their misery.  Never could figure out that 'kill' bite.

He did tonite!  After I praised the mighty hunter, I got an idea what gave him the gumption to finally do it.

Poor little guy got bit!  I think he got mad and did the deed, finally!  Aww, my baby... :(


So, I'm trying to take it easy and get this stupid old body to heal.  Weird stuff here going around.  My lungs are clear, I don't have a head cold.  But, I do have some crud in the windpipe/voice box/broch tubes area.  Also have some fluid in the ears.  Temp, no voice and a stupid cough.  Pretty irritating to be around.  Someone at work actually joked about it, and I told them I was sick of it myself - imagine being with it 24/7!

And dang it anyway... We're expecting another %&^#$$ snow event in a few days.

Spring, where are you?????

All for now,  JULIE


  1. i feel your pain. last year i was ill with a fever that just kept coming back for 3 months! 5 courses of antibiotics prednisone inhalers the works. not fun at all.i hope you get well soon. maybe you guys will skip spring this year and go straight into summer??? today is another wet drippy day in the great pacific northwest.P.S get well!

  2. We're so excited that we're having an unusual cool wet spring. it's a big positive here in the rainshadow of the Sierras.