Wednesday, April 3, 2013

sicker than a

Been flat out sick for a week.  Last week got meds and thought all was looking up.

Weekend came.  Ran out of otc cough syrup and drops, and other assorted 'helping' remedies.

Probably should have gone to the emergency room on Sunday night, but didn't think I could get myself there.

A google search at 1 AM found me a cough remedy that involved cayenne pepper and ginger.  Nasty stuff, but it got me thru the night.

Now I'm on prednisone with an inhalor of albuterol.  Talk about revved up...

Add to that cough syrup with codeine - sleep inducer - and the antibiotic.

My body is a little confused!

Haven't been to work this week, but I'm gonna try a couple hours today.  Can't. Sit. Still.

Maybe the routine will settle me and I can come home and do something like take a nap?

At least I don't have to deal with this anymore...


All for now,  JULIE


  1. I hope you're better soon so you can find a little time to weave some more beautiful rugs. ~Doreen