Saturday, January 4, 2014


Trying to prepare today -

The weather has been weird here in South Dakota.  The other day it was -26 degrees actual temp, then the next day it was someone said 40 degrees above. 

Now yesterday, it was 25 degrees and it was raining.   Imagine the slippery :)

Now today, it's just a typical South Dakota day.

It's somewhere in the range of 10 above and the girls are hydrating up after the thawing of the waterer.  I've not had to do that too much yet this winter. 

They better get their fill because if what they are saying is coming comes ---  It WILL BE frozen again.

Tonite we are to start experiencing Siberia like conditions...  Supposed to have wind chills in the -50 to -60 degree range.

Oh my poor ponies....

I've done what I can -

The neighbor with the large equipment came over and we 'added on' to the shed. 

The all you can eat hay buffet is now also shelter.  They won't have to move far into the wind to get their fuel to warm themselves.

They should be fine, they are all healthy and pleasantly plump.  They have good hair coats and some shelter.

Still makes me want to bring them inside the house with me tho :)

I believe I will be staying put myself - And the Cooper pup?

He says he will be cuddling with me -" it's too cold out here for me."

All for now, 

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  1. I was just thinking about this winter freezing storm and your horses. Glad they are ready for this blast of winter. Stay warm.