Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I DO do stuff around here, sometimes...

I never get enough done around here...

That's what I think anyway - others tell me my plans are too big -I'm too hard on myself.

It's just there is so much to do, and not enough of me to go around :)

Anywho -  I've got some rugs finished and to the store!

I'm trying to finish off the black and white warp that never ends.  And so this is how this cute rug came into being.  Using up some random fabrics and just going with the flow.

Here's another rug that I made while expecting the warp to run out.  This one is wool I think.  Mystery fabric from who knows where.  Some of my stash I don't have a clue where it came from and when...

A chenille bedspread made up into two rugs.  'Twould be cute in a baby girls room, or a bathroom!

I basic white chenille rug, with hemmed edges.  I really should do more hemmed ends, but I don't think of it very often.

And then some rugs from the newish greens and browns warp on the Union.

A corduroy pants rug - this one more green...

And one more browns.

Coordinating rugs from some drapes... different sizes but all the same fabric.

And lastly...

A smaller rug made from burlap.  Very scratchy - good to wipe the mud off with!

I've been weaving on these rugs for awhile, here and there. 

Working the day job- 50 hour weeks again. 

Remodeling the kitchen. 

Finally some light at the end of the tunnel! 

I may wait a bit for update pictures... Or I might take some tomorrow.  Who knows :)

All for now,



  1. Beautiful rugs as usual, and displayed nicely on your new tile floor. ~Doreen

  2. The rugs look great!!!! Hope the kitchen remodel is coming along well.