Thursday, August 25, 2016


Or maybe not so much.

I just took the time to look back to see when I last checked in on my little old blog.

Apparently it was right before I had carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.

Well... That went as planned.  Went back to work while waiting on the house to sell.

Since then, all I've pretty much done is go to work and do the day to day little chores to keep the house somewhat show worthy, and keep myself in clean laundry and food.

I'm pretty much in a holding pattern.


I just had another surgery!  This time my right wrist.  This is a workmans comp claim.

I will never go the workman comp route again.  Just. Saying.

I'm trying to see the humor in things.

Want to sell my house ---- not happening as fast as I'd like.

Repetitive motion injuries --- from a job that I am so over with :)

Wanting to move on --- but just not yet according to the fates.

While I have been bored here at home, I have done a little bit of rug strip sewing.  That's a light enough job it's doable with the recovering hand.

I don't have a loom warped.  The old blue loom is still unfinished from the rehab.  And I just didn't dare put any pictures of my weaving projects on line, since the work comp people thought it was my hobby that has caused my injury.   Seriously!   There was no way it was caused by the 50 + hours I've worked at my job the last 5 years???   Sarcasm intended....

I would take any any all positive thoughts in regards to my house sale, and even for my poor worn out body :)

All for now,


  1. I went through some of that last year and understand your frustrations. And for you and your poor worn out body, the sooner the better. I'll bet your body would welcome a yoga class but when could/would you go?! :(

    1. Exactly in regards to a yoga class (or any other exercise type thing that doctors want you to do!) I don't even know of a yoga class -there might be some in the big town 60 miles away :) Case manager from the insurance was constantly asking me what my hobbies are.... pu leez. who has time for hobbies when you have a job like i have???? Also, the doctor doesn't believe me when I say I couldn't find anyone to bring me to my appointments. You need to have time to cultivate and maintain friendships or pretty much everyone becomes people you used to know! LOL