Thursday, May 18, 2017

35 rugs


That's how many rugs came from my last warp of blues.

Here is a mental health rug.... More corduroy! 

I tried to do as many denim rugs as I could stand.

Those are my most consistent seller, and I was basically out of stock.

The rugs are various lengths.

14 denim rugs got hemmed edges, and 13 denim rugs got fringed edges.

That's a first!  I usually make WAY less hemmed rugs.  :)

I'm pretty sure my next warp will be more blues.  I've got alot of denim strips and raw denim in my stash, I can always use more denim in my inventory, and I haven't been collecting much for weft materials lately due to the work/remodel/hopeful move situation.

The next warping will be delayed until I get some other things done around here.  I've been showing the house and acreage like mad.  Crazy how the professional couldn't get anyone to come look last year, and now I am getting calls almost daily.  Maybe they are mostly lookey loos, but at least there is some interest!

A rummage/moving sale is on the to do list, as well as the daily chores associated with helping my parents with their business.  Also need to build fence for my horses to keep them in grass and prepare a place for me and my 'stuff' when this house does sell. 

Craft fair coming up in two weeks, too.  All these new rugs need to be tagged, measured and priced, as well as the record keeping involved.

All for now,  JULIE

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