Thursday, May 4, 2017

Still Denim :)

Still working on my blue denim warp. 

I've been getting less done, because I've been driving between my home and my parents home more...

Nope on the sale of the house.   Have shown it several times lately, but no real action yet.

Corduroy mental health rug....   Cute little thing :)

I always tell myself to take the roll off and get back to weaving, that the tying / end finishing can wait.
But I just can't!  I've gotta see what they look like finished!   So I set myself up in front of the tv and get to town on tying knots. 

I think I have about one more batch of rugs until the end of my warp, but it sometimes seems the warp never ends when I say that....   We'll see I guess, how many more rugs are left on the beam.

So far I've take 26 rugs off this warping.  Most are in the 45 inch long range, but I've done some 54 -60 inch rugs as I have buyers for those, too.

I'm thinking when I'm done with this warp, I just might put another blue one on.  I've got alot of denim left.....   LOL

All for now,  JULIE

PS.  I've committed to being a vendor at Fort Sisseton Rendevous.  First weekend in June, so here's hoping some of these rugs go home with buyers.   Also been working on records/sales/bookkeeping for my parents ag business.  I'm busy, but I get to plan my own days... Winning!  LOL

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