Friday, April 27, 2018

Any Volunteers?

Yesterday my brother and I spent a few hours fixing fence.

A good portion of our fencing is high tensile electric smooth wire.  Soooo, when the electricity is off, or the fence gets grounded for one of many reasons, the cattle find it and wreak havoc on the fences, coming and going at will.

Always an audience, never any volunteers :)

Cattle are very curious animals.  And then they also realize that a pickup in their pen usually means grain in those yellow buckets in back -- food is a great training tool.

This time tho, there were tools in those yellow buckets.  We have to keep an eye on those buckets so they don't get tipped over.  My brother told me awhile back a cow got her head stuck in one of those buckets.  That was a fun day getting that off her... LOL

The snow has finally decided it's time to go.  There is still some hiding in coulees and shaded areas.  Most of the "big melt" happened last week.  Our lazy creek was a roaring thing for about 4 days, and the spillway around our pond dam was overflowing.  We wish we could save some of that water for this summer - it all leaves except what we can hold in our pond.  It's a relief to feel that spring is finally here.

Many projects are in progress.  There is an order going in for new roof materials for a detached garage - needs it very badly -  I am hoping to then finish the interior for a workspace for me.  Looms, sewing machines, etc.

I'm systematically working my way through my parents affairs.  Finding out about insurance, loans, other bills that the parents don't really know what they are paying for, etc. 

My brother is getting a physical inventory on the cow herd so we can start making plans on the future for them - possibly selling some, possibly digging in and being serious about keeping it going.  My dad is 78 and has physically been unable to keep up with it all the last couple of years and many things are a little confused right now.  My mom had always done registrations and paperwork, and those are also a little confused.  That is a big job figuring that all out.

I am in denial about how quickly the wedding will be upon us.  I say I must lose a little weight that I've gained over the course of the last year and a half while dealing with my hamstring, but can't seem to get serious about it.

And there are days I think I should look for a job, but really can't figure out how I would have time and energy to add another thing to my life!

All for now,

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  1. It sounds like you have enough to fill your days without adding a job on top of everything else!