Saturday, July 7, 2018

Checking pairs

This morning I drove out to check pairs.
Cow calf pairs, to be precise.

This is something we try to get done each day.

The bulls are out with the groups.

The cows are harvesting grass that makes milk to feed their babies.

What I'm checking for is any obvious distress.

Mamas looking for a lost baby.

Someone not feeling well.

Making sure the bull is attentive and doing his job.

This morning I found an extra calf in our group....

Not sure where he came from - we'll have to call neighbors.

How can we tell he's an 'extra'?

Each calf has an eartag with his mama's number, and 
this calf had a tag that was a different color than 
what we use.  He didn't seem too worried, so maybe
he was just visiting for a bit.

Summer is busy - my son took some days off from his work and is helping
us replace the roof on our detached garage.  It had it's original 
wood shake roof.  I spent time on the roof pulling staples
to prep for the new roof.  We are going with a metal roof.

Only reason I've been able to help at all, is because the surgeon that is going to
do the procedure to try again to fix me, went on vacation. I'm scheduled for Monday
to finally take the original hardware out, clean up the area and start over.

I'm thinking it's gonna be a little tougher after than the previous revision surgeries...

All for now,

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  1. oh, you poor thing.........I'm praying for some relief and good news for you. Soon.