Thursday, November 5, 2020

Good timing for a change


I had made the decision to bypass a vendor event (new to me and over 2 hours away) on the 4 weekend in October. 

Good thing I made that decision.  This photo was taken just 2 days before that show, and the snow just kept coming.

After that, it got very cold....  like in the single digits cold!

And then it changed. 

Fortunately we are now having the opposite swing - this week we've had close to 80 degrees.  There was enough snow that it hasn't disappeared from sheltered or shadowed spaces.

Halloween weekend, I also stayed home.  I had originally had a large show scheduled, but that one was cancelled.  I'm finding it very hard to even find the drive to keep looking for events...

But this weekend I do have a show to go to.  Unknown event to me - never been there before as this is the weekend for another show that has been cancelled.

You know, I used to visit blogger pages every day.  I enjoyed reading about weaving, horses, sheep, quilting, etc. etc.  Many blogs were fun and informative to visit and read.

But this past few years, and especially this year, I find myself feeling discouraged and sometimes downright disgusted from a good portion of the blogs that I've followed.

First, THANK YOU, to the blogs that don't preach your brand of politics. 


 The BIGGEST turnoff of mine is the name calling...   from both sides!   Demoncrats, Trumpsters, Lefties, Right Wingers etc etc etc ad nauseum.

I come for the horses, the rugs, the quilts, the adventures. 

I don't come to your page to be told that I am stupid, or uncaring, or crazy, or to do this, or don't do that, or whatever soup du jour that you are pushing today. I'm there to learn from you and what you share of your skills and talents.  

So the change?   I don't know what that will look like.

All I know is that this my way or the highway thinking in this world has got to stop. 

Take care of yourself and your immediate world. 

Respect others.

Encourage and build others up instead of tearing them down.


All for now,




Michelle said...

I sure hope my blogs are ones that bring you enjoyment . . . most of the time. ;-)

Sharon said...

I used to read blogs every day and post on mine several times a week but I too have been stricken in apathy. Michelle McMillan encouraged me to keep reading the handful I still follow and I see the wisdom in that so here I am reading my handful of blogs this morning :-)