Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back finally....

I hope this fix lasts!  I spent a little bit purging and sorting and saving to a jump drive any and all files and pics I wanted to save in preparation for a complete reboot and restart.  Lo and behold, it seems to be working right now.  I'm not holding my breath tho....

So, better late than never!  A report for the Fort Sisseton craft fair from last weekend!

I got to take a different route to the festival this year... well, had to, I guess I should say.  My regular road was flooded and closed.  Isn't the panoram pretty?

Beautiful weather this year! 
It was so nice Abe Lincoln and his wife decided to enjoy it with us!  LOL

My booth this year ~  I got a prime corner spot right on the thru lane between the parade grounds and the reenactment camp.  I'm thinking I'll see if I can pay for and reserve that spot for next year!

All weekend there were random gun volleys and cannon shots.  I got personal enjoyment and a couple of good chuckles from watching people that are obviously nervous souls get startled by these random BOOMS!  sorry, can't help it

On Sunday I decided to treat myself to an Indian Taco.  Got me wondering, is this a regional thing or are Indian Tacos nation wide?

Fry bread, taco meat, lettuce, cheese tomato. 

Unfortunately this one wasn't worth the $8 it cost. IMO  Not enough meat or tomatoes and way too much lettuce.  The fry bread was good, made me wish I had just gotten that.  Oh well!

I spent as much time as I dared at the Prairie Fiber Arts tent~ I covet a triangle loom.  This shawl is going to be pretty!

Anyhoo, a successful weekend overall.  The full weekend in between two full weeks of work made for a tired girl by end of day yesterday!

All for now, cross your fingers that this computer is happy again!


PS... I've got pics of some new rugs that I finished on the eve of the festival.  Pics in the next few days!


  1. I love fairs like that.... what a neat way to make a shawl!

  2. I, too, covet a triangle loom. I've wanted one for years, now. The idea of weaving as you warp fascinates me.

  3. Your topography is so flat - I'm amazed. As for Indian Tacos - yup, we got 'em. My friend Maureen is Klamath married to a Paiute. She says they have contributed to a health crisis in Indians. They cooked what the government gave them and did a darn fine job of it. They're just about irresistible.