Sunday, June 12, 2011

A matching set

These two runner rugs are a matching pair.  At least in color and materials - they do measure a little differently, so maybe they are more of a matched set?   Technicalities :)

I paired two different twin size bed coverlets.  Not sure the vintage~ somewhere in the 60's or 70's.  I remember having this style of bedspread when I was a kid.  I wasn't sure I wanted a solid blue of this color, it seemed too "sweet" of a blue for my taste, and the tan was a little boring.

I think the stripe look turned out great!   These are nice sturdy rugs without being to thick. 

I spent a little time trying to sort weft materials last night.  I am overwhelmed right now with the piles.  I can't see what I have or find what I think I have, so I purchased some clear trash bags and am sorting it out that way.  Should keep everything clean but still be able to see what I have without opening every single bag!

I found two more of this style of bedspreads so I think I'll work them up the same way when the colorway is right.

It's a cool breezy damp day here. 'Twould be good for a nap, but I'm going to try and avoid that :)


  1. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Love 'em! Out of curiosity, I'm thinking of doing some rugs and putting them at 24" in the reed. How does that width strike you - more or less??