Saturday, June 18, 2011


Not that I really have any extra time or energy to rehab a loom.... I brought one home last weekend.

It has some funky hot pink and neon green warp on it.  Can you tell this loom was in a barn?  The warp is gonna come off soon and going in the garbage!

It's a six harness, six treadle jack loom.  I can't find any ID on the loom as to who made it.

This loom had been in the basement, but got wet.  Since then it's been in the barn...  Looks like some critter chewed on it slightly in places.  It's got some water marks and the wood is dry.  The back and front beams need to be reglued and it needs a good cleaning and oiling.

The worst of the damage is in the treadles.  I think I'll probably have someone make me 6 new ones and replace them completely. 

I made the 100 mile one way trip to look at a rug loom.  Maybe I'm spoiled from the sturdiness of my Union, but this doesn't seem to be strong enough to weave a tight rug on!  Not to mention there won't be much of a shed that I can tell.

I think this loom is headed for making tablerunners and scarves if I can get it functional.

I think the price for the loom was fair ~ $25, but when you drive a gas hog pickup 200 miles you're already in the $100 range!  Still, not too bad :)

Who knows when I'll get around to cleaning this up.  Lack of motivation is a problem here these days.

So much to do, it's hard to get started.

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