Sunday, July 17, 2011

Almost wishin' for snow. Almost.

The heat index is 113 degrees.  Wow.


I've been out several times today with fresh cool water for the girls and to give them a new dose of fly spray.  Helps for a bit at least.

Poor girls are sweating just standing there fighting the bugs.

It's too dang hot to cook, too.

I'd planned to put some chicken on the grill.  Nope, not gonna do it!

This is probably going to be the extent of supper.

And maybe some ice cream :)

It would be so nice if it would cool down a bit here.  I've put in my order for days of 72 degrees, sunny and a light breeze. 

Wish it worked that way?

There's a tornado watch across the border in North Dakota - 12 miles away.  I can see the big clouds.  Want.  No.  Rain.  But a cool breeze would be great~

Unfortunately, I think the weather man is saying it'll be this way til Wednesday :(


  1. Boy, that sounds pretty darn miserable. I know anything over 90 and even with tons of shade, the boys all like a good hosing down. Fly masks might help with some of the annoyance fly factor. Mine like the ones with ears in them.

  2. I am SO sorry. I knew that moderate temps here meant soaring temps elsewhere. I have no influence but I feel like we're cheating.