Sunday, July 10, 2011


My ponies, that is...

The weather this summer has been less than ideal.

Spring was cold and wet well into the time we usually are getting warmer.

Then overnight ~

It was HOT and HUMID

That's the recipe for a bumper crop of


Miserable for man and beast.

So why are the girls standing out in the rain today?
Shed is upside down, again.

It went over on Friday while I was at the local 4-H Horse Show.  4 miles away and just a few sprinkles, while here a big blow and a DUMP of rain.

Today severe weather ~ T-storms and tornadoes and lots of wet.

Another weekend shot all to heck~

Not a bit of paint on the house, or organizing done.

Spent time at family reunion activities and did some laundry in prep for the coming work week.  

Something's gotta change!  I've got materials for fence coming soon.  

The clock is ticking and the boy will be going back to college before I know it! 


  1. It has been a cool summer here too, although we have been spared the thunderstorms so far. Hope some good warm dry weather comes your way for the rest of the summer!

  2. Zounds Batgirl, that's just wrong. We get Washoe Zephyrs through here and they make a mess of things, but we've only had our shed tossed once. What Theresa said and I hope it holds.