Saturday, July 16, 2011

In a fog....

Looks foggy here, doesn't it?  :)

It's so ding dang humid and hot here, I can't go outside with the camera without it fogging up. 
Leaving it outside to dry would be iffy.  I don't think it would dry out!

Unusual for South Dakota.  The weatherman this morning said "welcome to Georgia"...  It feels like it!

I thought I'd put up a picture of the horses sweating from fighting flies and mosquitoes.  It's warm, it's humid and this morning, very calm.  Ick!

A breeze has come up making it a little more tolerable, but I'm spending my day inside.
I started it outside chasing the dang neighbor calves outa my pasture.  I really need to get my electric fencer hooked up and snapping.  I was totally soaked by the wet grass and bug spray and sweat by the time I came in.  So not liking it! :)

Working inside on a presentation today for work.  This past week I was put in charge of a project at work to improve a work area.  Me and two summer college temps.  ACK!  

I don't get how they ask temporary employees to do these things! 

I figure I'm going to give it my best shot. Maybe it'll help get me a permanent position with the company...
Maybe it's a test?


A temp.

That's how they do things these days.  That way when they lay off, they can say they didn't lay off employees of theirs, right?  
OH WELL.  It's a job with a living wage. 

I'll take it. 
I'm also taking any oportunity for any of their training opportunities. 
I brought home a workbook --
Elementary Blueprint Reading for Machinists.

Let's see if I can get thru the book and past the quizzes. If so, it may put me in the running for a machinists position.  Machinists are in short supply around here...

If you know of any out of work machinists that would like to experience South Dakota's fun weather and awesome living, send 'em this way!  Bonus for nice, normal, sane single men ~ LOL!

I might know of someone who would have a room for rent :)


  1. I just feel so awful for you and your horses. Me and mine are enjoying a little break in the N.C. weather. We've had triple digit temps and HIGH humidty also, but for a couple days now, OMG, it has just been so nice. The weeds had taken over the garden, so I even got to work out there some. My horses have loved it and Ally even got some riding time in for the past 2 EARLY mornings. Our fans in the barn go nonstop. Can't wait for our electric bill. Just hang in there and think cool thoughts. That shed blowing over was amazing!!! Debi

  2. I'm so sorry for you. Weather this year seems to be the luck of the draw. We went to a party at a neighbor's tonight and she had to offer me a jacket. It's July!