Friday, February 3, 2012


Heavy fog for more than 24 hours and still going strong.
No break at all today. 

Just enough snow/moisture and just the right temp and we've got some amazing hoarfrost.

If I wasn't such a lazy pile, I would have put on a coat and shoes and gone and got some pictures of the trees and such.

Instead I stepped out the front door and called it good.

Fridays have come to be my lost day.  I wake up noonish or there about.  Do nothing. Can't get anything started. Except for a nap around 6 PM. 

Hope tomorrow will bring a little more gumption.


  1. Enjoyed the pictures!! Still 70 degrees in Alabama!! lol

  2. Oh my that is heavy hoarfrost. We've had some but nothing as spectacular as yours!