Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quilts in the Park

My quilt guild had an event today for our town Harvest Days.

First annual (we hope)  Quilts in the Park

Here are the vintage quilts...

It was a bit breezy.  Lots of motion in our quilts :)

Some of the women brought garden flowers and decorations....

The group's mystery quilt project from a few years back... I sold mine there today !

This year we did a fabric challenge.  All participants brought pastel floral fabric so everyone got a 5x5 in piece of the same.  Seventeen people joined in, so lots of variety.  Each was to be used in the project however you wanted.   Lots of variety in what was made.  I didn't get to this meeting so...

Too many beautiful quilts to show every one.

Teeny tiny hexies... I think over 970 in this itty bitty quilt.

And we served rootbeer floats~ this young man was enjoying his :)

All for now

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  1. wow, there are so many gorgeous quilts, and obviously a lot of talented quilters in your town.