Monday, February 11, 2013

We came through...

It was a hummer of a storm.

I think the final snow total here was in the 16+ inch range.  A little hard to measure as the wind was up to 40mph over the night.

The snow is heavy and sticky~ I'm almost glad I don't have the snowblower operational, because then I would be still out there killing myself :)

The neighbor was here with his truck and blade at 5 AM. 

He missed a little.  Half on the drive, half on the lawn.   At least I can get out, not complaining!

I didn't have to go in to work today, they actually shut down the plant.  Not sure if I'll have to use a vacation day or not, but I ended up having a 4 day weekend.  How did that happen?  I sure as heck didn't plan it!

I've been weaving.  Moving between table runners on the blue Union Special, denim and blues rugs on the Union downstairs, and messing with the Newcomb Studio focusing on getting some of the chenille bedspreads woven up.  I still don't have a good shed with that one.  Thought I had something with one adjustment, but then it affected it in another spot.  I'll keep plugging away on it little by little.  I believe it would be easier if I had someone else here to push pedals so I could watch what was happening!

I even had an urge to get the Structo out and warp it for a scarf, but I didn't get that far.

Gonna leave ya with some snow pictures.  I am fascinated with the wind sculptures, the photos do not do them justice.

My front yard....

My back yard.

 I got to clear snow from the heat pump and the window.  Shovel, shovel, shovel!

You can see the snow level here that was then scoured away when the wind picked up.  I didn't have to shovel my front walk at all, there is a lot of grass showing, and bare spots where the wind cleaned the snow away.

I did have to shovel just a little by my back door, tho :)

All for now, 


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  1. It's nice that you had a chance to do some weaving while the snow was blowing outside. I'm in New York state, and as much as I dislike the snow, I just tell myself 'at least we don't have to mow grass'. ~Doreen